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Ive been meaning to tell you to check back often. That wild leafy thing is a staghorn fern. My hubby wanted one in there, so I found a spot right in the middle. It turned out pretty good.

We're in the middle of finishing up the hood and I think it will be in place by the end of the weekend. We're going to add a humidifier from Walgreens so that I won't have to mist (hopefully). I need more plants - do you remember the name of the ivy you suggested?

Oh, btw, that was a scroll saw you saw in the mirror - mine, actually. It came in real handy when I needed to cut the cork bark.

Our frogs will be in next Tuesday. I've ordered 3 pairs of tincs. Now, I know that most froggers are against mixing tincs because of mixed breeding, but I figure whatever froglets appear in the tank will be keepers and, if we decide to breed to sell, we'll move a pair to a breeding tank. We're getting Cobalts, Powderblues, and Azureus.

This has been sooooo exciting!
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