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So about Dwarf Baby Tears. Also known as HC, short for Hemianthus Callitrichoides. When I first saw this plant, I wanted it all over the bottom of my tank. In fact, it's what drew me into giving the hobby a serious look. It's a gorgeous plant that, at least from what I saw on Google images, creates a lush carpet that little red Cherry Shrimp play on. So back a few months ago, I bought some at PetCo for like $7 or something. They were attached to a rock and looked promising. So I plopped it into my tank and googled around on how to plant them.
From what I read, HC should have CO2 and crazy good lighting. Not to mention that if you want a carpet like the ones I drooled over the HC should be planted emerged (when your tank has no water in it - just a mini greenhouse or terrarium) so it can take root and send runners. I was like, "Stuff it." So I took it off the rock and tried to tweezer the roots into my sand-capped dirt. The HC clump floated away every time. Then I was like, "Oh... so that's why they do the terrarium thing for a few weeks." So I came up with this idea based on the hope that if the HC is in constant contact with the substrate it should eventually take root on its own. Which it did.

I twist/broke paper clips into little "v's" so I could pin the HC down flush against the bottom. When I first did this in my 10gal I just pinned the whole clump that I ripped off the rock to the bottom. It eventually took root and spread. But I've since read that HC carpets best when it's split into smaller pieces and placed over a larger area, so that's what I did this time.
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