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Aweeby's 20g Shrimp tank

Over the summer, I've been planning out a shrimp tank, so that I can hopefully isolate my breeding rills and breed some Caridinas. It's about 3 weeks old and the bacteria seems solid at the moment. I don't really feel comfortable putting caridinas in there yet, but the tank they were in had way too high TDS. (550+) And even after multiple water changes... After a death, I realized they had to be moved.

But here's what I have so far. The idea was to put as much plant material in it as possible from the get go to hasten cycling. I pulled a large piece of driftwood from my neglected 55g, to my surprise, the NLJF I planted a few months back had increased in size 10 fold! The HOB powering the UGF is mature.

Here's some pics of the shrimps:


TDS: 230 ppm
pH: 6.3

Red Rili x11
S+ CBS x9
S+ CRS x8 (4 tiger tooth)

Mordalphus style UGF powered by a 30g rated HOB.
Marineland 55g rated HOB

1.5" Aquasoil
plastic needle point mesh (to prevent AS from clogging the UGF)
1" Crushed cinder gravel and peat (biological media)

Needle Leaf Java
Normal java fern
Notocyphus Lutescens
x-mass moss
Hydrocotyle sp. Japan
Crypt. retrospiralis
Echidnodorus Angustifolia sp. Vesuvius
Anubias Barteri (petite and regular)
Abnormally large Echidnodorus tenellus
Water Sprite
Italian Val

Malaysian Driftwood
Manzanita twigs (for biofilm farms)
Basalt stones
Cinder gravel (for the moss)
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