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Originally Posted by orchidman View Post
i like to too, but there is not room around the tank for a canister filter, so i had to just go with HOBs. the water movement sucks and all kinds of fish crap and debris end u in the one corner. its very annoying!

you should come and visit the two of us and get some fish!!!

you all should checkout my new jounral! its my best scape yet! fish are getting added tomorrow

The Lonely Mountain- Fish added
I'll definitely check out your tank. I'd love to come visit but it's quite a trip from where I'm at now. Perhaps once I'm home or on my way home one of these times. Have you ever gone to one of the CCA meetings?

I just ordered an Fluval 306 for my 55g African Cichlid tank. I'm really excited for it. I've never had a canister before.
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