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New sale! 1 week only, stocklist will remain current

Amano shrimp (L) $2 Very few left
Neocaridina “Super Yellow” $4
Neocaridina yellow (regular) $3
Neocaridina palmata “blueberry” $3
Malawa $2
Bumble bee $3
Red cherry (sakura grade) $2.50
Tibee $3
Caridina cf. babaulti var green $3
Caridina cf. babaulti var black $3
Caridina cf. babaulti var stripes $4
Caridina fernandoi $5- 12 available
Laos blue velvet (genus and true species unknown) $5 Sold
Caridina gracilirostris $5 – Sold
Caridina thambipillai (brown version of sunkist) $4- few

Cambarellus patzcuarensis sp. orange $11 unsexed

Juveniles CPO $7

Red spot nerite $2
Horned nerites $2.50
Assassins $2
zebra nerite $2 Sold
Brotia Pagodula $6, SOLD
Pomacea diffusa (ivory, magenta, purple) $2, grape sized

Microcrabs (Limnopilos naiyanetri) $3.50 each


Hymenochirus boettgeri (African dwarf frog) $2

Boraras naevus (strawberry rasbora) $2.50
Danio margaritatus $3.50, sold out
Boraras brigittae $2.50 sold out
Dario hysgninon $4
Yunnanilus cruciatus loaches (dwarf zebra hovering) $4, few left
Danio choprae (glowlight danio) $3.50, 10/$30
Nannostomus mortenthaleri (Coral red pencilfish)- Sold out
Neolebias ansorgii (Landraf’s tetra) $4.50- 12 left
Meteor minnows (longfinned white clouds) sold out
CW010- gold laser cory $6
Microdevario kubotai $3, sold out
Panda Garra- $10
Black neon (Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi) $2
Corydoras pygmaeus sold out
Parosphromenus linkei (Moonspot licorice gourami) sold out
Parosphromenus parvulus (Cherry spotted licorice gourami) $8.50
Clown killies $3
Ameca splendens (Butterfly goodeid) juveniles, unsexed $5
Sparkling gourami (Trichopsis pumila) $2.50
Cardinal tetra $2
Heterandria formosa $1.50
Tanicthys micagemmae $3.50
Boraras uropthalmoides $2.50
Sewellia lineolata $11
Hara jerdoni $3.50
Yunnanilus sp. rosy $3.50
Oericthys crenuchoides $3.50


LARGE anubias coffefolia mother plants $25
Medium Anubias coffefolia $15
java moss $3/golfball
Other ferns, anubias, and easy low light stems available as well


Dried goods
Alder cones- .05 each
Almond leaves- $8 gallon bag, C grade

Manzanita driftwood available for pickup only. Priced by the piece

Repashy Super Foods
Fish Foods: Soilent green (aufwuch replacement), Meat Pie (carnivore), Shrimp Souffle (scavenger), Community Plus; Spawn and Grow; Super Green
2 oz packet $7
4 oz packet $10
16 oz packet $28
64 oz packet = $60

Please allow a week of handling for sizes 16 oz and over, as I keep a limited quantity in stock due to limited space. Herp foods will also be a special order, though I am more than happy to do so.

As an appreciation to all my customers, I would like to offer a blanket sale on any order of livestock. I cannot do reductions on foods. These reductions will be on livestock costs, not the shipping costs. The price breaks are for shipped live stock and are as follows:

$5-$50 on livestock- get 5 % off livestock total

$50-100 on livestock- get 10% off livestock total

$150+on livestock- get 10% plus an additional $5 off livestock total

I have been VERY pleased with my FedEx services so far. It seems to much of the US I can offer next day or second day service for close to priority pricing, but with more reliability. The only major change is that I need to know a phone number in order to fill out the label for the discounts, so please keep this in mind when making payment. As always, USPS is still available, but my live arrival guarantee is now extended for FedEx second day service as well.

This sale will end next Tuesday, September 11 at 10pm, EST. Thank you all for your continued support!

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