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to answer your placement question...

I reversed #'s 2 and 3. the big branchy one is to the lft of the taller one. the smaller pieces are hidden around and behind the others, except the anubias covered one which is in the left midground just like above.

to answer the purpose question... all of the above, perhaps.

I have plecos and cichlids that enjoy caves.
I have ferns, anubias, and mosses that look great on wood.
I have a fondness for the look of bare wood in a tank.

so there we are... no more info than before this post.

thanks a million for your posts so far, eds. I have about 8 anubias nana plants, 2 types of moss, and some small sprigs of narrow leaf java fern that I'd *like* to work into the setup, but at the same time, I fear that I'm probably trying to do too much in one tank. the most attractive aquascape I've had so far was the one with 3 species of plants (crypts, moss, and chain sword), whereas my 55 as it stands right now has about 9-10. I'm going to shuffle things around a bit and see how it looks. Expect more pics at the end of the week.


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