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hey duff, thanks and thanks for the suggestions. i am actually at the point of going with a canister, except i am going to plumb it so the tubing and pvc won't be visible. i gave drilling it a LOT of thought, and finally decided against it for no other reason other than altering it's value and usefulness if i ever decide to upgrade and i am learning the same lessons you did when building a palu, space. i never thought i would have so many tight spaces in a 125g tank!!LOL i am at the point right now, that i think i am going to control flow under the land and in the "stream" with powerheads and the return for the canister will be a drip wall in between the 2 "water falls" (remember, both water falls will be removable). my plan is to cut a notch into the great stuff, tie in a piece of solid pvc, the foam over it again. after it cures, i will drill small holes into the pipe, through the foam. that way i have a bit more control over where the dripwall runs. i can even control flow rates for each spot, if that makes any funny how when talking about this stuff, we can envision it in our heads, but to put it into words? forget about it!!LOL
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