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Originally Posted by nanobettaman View Post
I was seriously considering buying the Fluval Spec V as a shrimp/CPD fry grow-out tank in a couple weeks, but this... oh my.

It's much more elegant, the lighting is so much better, and the flip-up lightstand/base is fantastic.

I guess I'll be buying this for my birthday on the 12th

Oh, and on Amazon and Ebay they're 89.99 plus shipping.
Well worth it IMO but it doesn't come with a filter in that setup (I think). If I could do it over, I'd look into the fluval C2 or aquaclear 20. I just bought the spec V and although cool looking, the light is built for low light plants.

Originally Posted by Jack Gilvey View Post
This is a very classy-looking setup. I could do without all the text on the tank base, though, that part's cheesy. I'd cover it.
Agreed. Definitely a love or hate it tank setup. I plan on covering it with my soon to be logo sticker. We shall see.

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