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The 75g begins..

Well it will begin soon... lol so i plan on compleatly revamping my 75g planted aquarium. So far iv collected a small stash of supplies for when im ready to do it.
40lbs Seachem Florite
40lbs Eco-compleate black
Coralife 4x54w T5HO fixt
2x Geismann Aquaflora T5HO bulbs
2x Geismann Mid-day T5HO bulbs
aquatic forceps
trimming scissors
"cleaning claw" attachment for the siphon hose
CO2 drop checker
2x Aqueon quiet flow 55/75 filters

heres a pic of the new lights:

still to come..

co2 system
various sp. or plants (to be decided)
fert test kits
maybe some dry ferts

so my big questions are pretty much:
Is the "all in one" regulator, solenoid, needle valve here by aquatek-california

is going to be worth it and my main concern is how to prevent co2 dump near the end of the tank.

also as far as "reactors" go how does a small pump with a "reaction chamber" fair against the h.o.t. versions with bio balls ect.. for example this one from DRS F+S

thanks for all the help and any info/exp is most appreciated!!
75g planted coming soon

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