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my weekend warrior project, 125G paludarium

yes, i have definitely been bitten by the vivarium/paludarium bug. i have been planning this project for quite a while, so since i had a 4 day weekend this weekend, i figured i might as well get on it. it's a standard marineland 125g tank, 72"x18"x21". my intention is for it to be a stream side bed. dart frogs will live on the land and i am leaning towards cardinal tetras and abn's in the blackwater stream section. however, i keep flip flopping between that and shrimp and oto's. that will probably be decided upon at the very last minute. now for the pics:

this was my original footprint of my land section, the idea was to have 2 waterfalls, one on the left and a large one to the right, that would feed the beginning of the stream:

that may still be the plan, if i can figure out the design of the waterfall in my head. i want it to be a removable section so i can access equipment.

so while i am working on design for the right side, i decided to build the left side. basic structure built:

i built a "shaft" that will house the pump for the water feature on the left, and it will be removable to access equipment. the tank heater will be suctioned to the floor of the tank under this section, as well as a small powerhead to keep circulation up under the land section to avoid stagnant water. also, the pvc pipes are all drilled with extra holes to prevent stagnant water from building up inside of them and raising toxic levels. here's the left side, foamed in. you can see the shaft i built, now i just have to trim the background so it slides in and out easily.

that's all for this week on this one. i'll post another update on what i get accomplished this upcoming weekend.
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