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By any chance, is the photo the reverse of the drawing?
Because in the drawing, the tallest piece is to the left of the centermost branchy piece, while in your tank, there appears to be a tall vertical piece to the right of the branchy piece in the center.

The center piece looks like a really nice piece of wood.
Can't really make out the tall piece on the right - or any of the 3 smaller pieces.
But I guess my initial personal inclination would be to showcase the two larger pieces, and either ditch the 3 smaller ones, or use them in a supporting role - either to create caves or to anchor plants.
I would look for ways to have those 2 larger pieces work together, or relate to each other - rather than just appearing to be stuck into the substrate next to each other. Maybe try the tall one behind the branchy one - might suggest depth, but also might appear cramped in your 55g.

The question I'll ask now is, what role(s) do you want the wood to play in your tank?
Do you want the wood itself to be exposed as a visible element of your scape?
Do you want it primarily to be something to attach plants to?
If so, will the wood itself be largely invisible, other than creating different "levels" above the substrate?
Do you want it to create caves for your fauna?
All are legit ways to use wood - and I undoubtedly missed a couple.
But your answers to these questions influence where you place them in your tank.

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