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Originally Posted by DogFish View Post
I got started feeding BARF with a dog that had cancer as you just can't feed for that properly with anyone's kibble. I feel we "cheated" death out of the trwo years for him. (11yrs)
Our 7 yrs old lab has mast tumor cell disease that forms cancer tumors and he wasn't able to keep anything down. (it messes with the esophagus so that he is basically regurgitating the food) We started him on Sojos food about 2 months ago. It's a dehydrated food that you just add water to and whatever raw meat you like. We add tofu to it as the vet thought it best.

It's the only food he's been able to keep down, he absolutely LOVES it and he's lost 15 lbs (which he needed to). He looks great and has so much energy. I definitely think this food/diet is far better than anything else we've ever fed him.

Sorry to divert from topic, but after reading about your experience, just had to share.
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