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Originally Posted by pandacory View Post
What are the dimensions of the tank and how many fish?
The tank I've got the Tilapias in is 150 cm (5') x 70 cm (2'4") x 65 cm (2'2").
Some 680 liters / 170 gallons.

There's only 8 fish in it so far.

Originally Posted by pandacory View Post
Any spawns?
They spawn constantly, but as long as I have no use for extra fish, I leave it all in there and gets eaten.

Originally Posted by pandacory View Post
Ya, 10" is rough. It looks great though! I find that you want to give yourself about 18" between the top of the substrate and the light, otherwise you will be constantly trimming.
Yeah, the rack does look great, doesn't it? It was designed to be a demo more than an actual producing system.
Turned out pretty expensive, the white parts are Corian™.

The system in my kitchen is a bit more rough and I'm really just trying to figure out how to go with it.

Been trying to figure out some vertical systems, so please do post whatever inspiration you can!

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