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Question 10 gallon Tank

Good Afternoon fellow "planters",

I have few questions on lighting for a ten gallon. I have a regular 15$ dollar 10 gallon that I would love to turn into a shrimp tank. I would also want it to be able to grow a green carpet since I have had no luck with my 72 or 36 gallon with carpets. I dose everything that flourish recommends/ sells and how they say how and when to dose, so I would plan to follow those same guidelines into the ten. I want a black substrate and would think dark flourish would fit these needs? Money is no option, is a little bit of worry like with anyone but I wanna do it right the first time and be able to know how to fix/unscrew my 36 and 72. I have been reading this link but I am unable to understand it when it goes into multiple bulbs etc. PAR vs Distance, T5, T12, PC - New Chart
And I also have a problem when trying to order it like from amazon because I can not look at the reflectors. Any help is appreciated because I do not know who to turn to other than you guys! Thanks again!
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