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well intended.

The time and effort put forth on creating this string is applauded by me without doubt.

Reading Hoppy's post I thought it harsh.Then remembering his character and consistent posting style I paused before moving on, he had a reason was my thinking. My morning quiet time for coffee and reading was spent right here enjoying your efforts, and grumbling to myself LOL. Several points of opinion expressed as best method or as accepted fact within the information are sadly very misleading, some are simply, wrong. I have my pet points of information that stir a response (as do many).

Freshwater Aquariums (fish tank) and planted aquariums are worlds apart.
A comprehensive or starter guide to a single planted tanking method requires volumes to explain it, ultimately a book of sorts.
As a starter one is offered here.
While I still grumble about a point or three.
Then there's the ready reference on topics without the posted banter of disagreement.

Generalized topic information condensed to paragraphs in the effort to create 'steps to success' is well,,, well intended.

The best practice is to change 50% of the water per week. You can do this by doing 2-3 smaller water changes per week or one larger change per week.
This is in no way the same so incorrect.
Lets say the tank holds 120 gallons. Changing 50% (60g) in a single water change creates reduction of accumulated 'gunk' in the water. Test results will confirm that. Drain 15-20 gallons, refill and repeat until you have changed that same 60g or the entire 120 gallon volume and that reduction in tested levels won't be the same.

A credo of the environmental engineer; The solution to pollution is dilution.
Large volumes = dilution

pH testing as a water quality parameter is another very misleading entry many times within the posts.
A pH test in all reality tells you very little (if anything) about the quality of the tanked water and leaving it at that.

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