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The rinsed STS has been sitting in my 18 gallon totes for so long now it's probably dry again. LOL Yeah I should have pre-loaded it. May still do it yet. I seem to keep putting off changing the substrate out since it seems like it's going to be a big job and would prefer to have it some on 1 day.

So it only took you 1-40lb bag to do an 88 gal tank. I bought 2 thinking I would need more than 1 bag for my 75 gal. I guess I'll have plenty.

I added several handfuls to my almost full of water tank a while back right before my bluegill started making his nest just to see how much of a mess it would make with all his tail fanning ... wasn't bad at all. And what little he did stir up settled quickly with almost no clouding of the water. Of course that was just 1 little area and it did get mixed into the gravel, but was happy enough with it's performance to do the whole tank. Someday soon I'll get around to that.
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