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Update time...been busy.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you do NOT enter the shop when under the weather:

Thankfully the tank itself was undamaged (we'll see how it holds up to a week of live testing), and I think the chips themselves are marginal problems for an internal overflow.

Drilling the return holes:
Once again, I made a newbie mistake. The drill bits I ordered were fine...if 3/4" was the OD. Ya. Whups.

Anyway, all it will cost me (besides the not-useful-at-the-moment drill bits) is another $10 for one more 3/4" bulkhead. Could be worse.

Glass drilled out much faster - not sure if it's due to newer and thinner glass, or what. Took all of 10 minutes to drill, and thanks to drilling into the firmly taped bottom and sacrificial piece of wood, the chipout was minimal, much better than last time.

Taped up the overflow glass this time, as well as the interior:

The overflow jig:
I really didn't want to get too fancy, so simple it was! Yes, that is a square clamped to the brace. And yes, it was level. Aside from preventing me taking the tape out, worked great!

The result: are awful.

A look at the return 'through' system:
There will be a bulkhead at each piece of glass.

Now, for another issue that puzzles me...the sump levels are...wacky.

You can see how the water level where the 'dripping' takes place is now a good 0.5-1.0" higher, and the return area with the pumps is down about 1.0". The drip hole size must be okay though, because that level has not changed a bit since initially settling down.

Weird. I will not draw any conclusions until I get the full system plumbed up and tested for a full week.

I am happy about how well the dry-erase marker works for this task.

Also...putting more rocks into the sump on the trays when I move everything around.
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