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Ok took some updated tank photos. It's a bit less clean than it was at one point but I wanted to see how a few different plants would grow so there's a bit too many plant species in there really (I tend to like a fairly minimalistic plant selection) however dealing with the val had been a pain and I gave it a big haircut. I started getting BGA problems from lack of flow I think, the surface was getting clogged with the super long valisneria leaves.

I have no idea how the one sprig of cabomba will do, it came with some shrimp I got for my nano tank and I wasn't going to put it there. Way to nice looking to just throw away though so in it goes.

The new guys

I clearly like black and silver in fish, hah

Full tank shot

My Tank - Low tech just under 50g
Fauna: penguin tetras, angelfish, german blue rams, otos etc.
Flora: Vallisneria, crypts, java fern and anubias nana
My 4g planted nano
Fauna: 3 amano shrimp
Flora: hairgrass, pgostemon helferi, staurogyne repens
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