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Where exactly is this store in Greenwich, I'd be interested myself in checking this place out.
I live 5 min from Greenwich and I thought I knew all the good LFS around here.
BTW, while in town you might want to check the Pet Pantry Warehouse, just two - three blocks away from the train station.
Their fish selection is ok but a little expensive IMO.
Their plant selection really sucks though, javas and anubias mostly, all covered in algae btw.
They have a 6 gal, planted tank set up with Carbo plus as the way of injecting CO2 ( this is suppose to show you the wonders of Carbo plus I'd guess ). Man, if you really want to see how big black brush algae can get in a tank, check it out.
OK, that"s enough of mouth trashing my favorite LFS.
If you're ever in the area come and take a look.
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