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Originally Posted by babygirl View Post
Hi there, I am rearing Sulawesi Shrimps now. Could you kindly advice me on the recommended BorneoWild product to promote breeding? Thanks alot!!!
I don't have a lot of experience with Sulawesi shrimps. We just got our first Cardinals in yesterday. As they settle I'll be experimenting with the BW products to find out what works.

Originally Posted by SpecGrrl View Post
Hullo I just bought 2 Amano's and want to have PFRs in the future.

I use Microbe Lift Special Blend, Nite out and will start Thera P soon.

Besides Humic and Barley what do you recommend for the Amano's that would be good for PFRs, too?

My tank is a fluval spec V 5 g with a piece of Malaysian driftwood and has floating plants and moss:

Broad leaf water wisteria, willow moss, water sprite, dwarf water lettuce

Really any of the foods would be good. I'd specifically look at Spinach, Grow, and/or Color. These will provide all the nutrition your shrimp need, and are all available in small bottles. Shield is also great for increasing overall health. You shouldn't really need any of the specialized foods or supplements (White, Crimson, Stout, Vital, etc) for the shrimp you're planning on keeping. Stout would improve the appearance of your PFR's, but won't really do anything for the Amanos.

We sell PFR's as well by the way
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