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I did everything that was adviced in this thread it took some time but now I am able to control the green spot algae. This is what I did..

1.Water changes 50% every weekend.
2.Reduced the light to 0.8 w/l - reduced light hours to 7 hours on a timer.
3.Cleaned the affected glass with miracle sponge and pruned the plant leaves affected with green spot algae.
4.I've improved my tank water circulation by cleaning the external filter, started cleaning the ceramic rings and changing the perlon once in two months in my external filter. I clean the spray bar once a week, prune my fast growing plants on a weekly basis, siphoning the debris which accumulates at corners on a weekly basis, cleaning the glass which had green spot algae once a week.
5. I reduced my fertilizing routine from everyday to twice a week.
6. Abt. CO2 I dont use the atomizer anymore. I added a good ceramic diffuser and clean the ceramic disc on weekly basis. I have 2 bubbles per second.

I still have green spot algae but it is not as irritating (spreading like crazy) as it was in the past. I can see the difference and I must say thanks to everyone who gave me gr8 advice.
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