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Originally Posted by HD Blazingwolf View Post
SO im curious as to what is dosed to the water besides feed for the fish? any sort of macro/ micro fertilization going on here?
Some use Worm casting tea, filter through peat and activated carbon. Worm castings supposedly have a good micro complex, but info I've read varies. It probably depends what you feed the worms.

I occasionally add some sea weed extract for potassium, and for micros you can cut your top off water with a little tap. I've been using pferts brand micros and buffering Ro with a potassium bicarbonate calcium bicarbonate mix. My produce may no longer be "organic" but I'm not trying to sell it and I had the stuff laying around.

The goal is to add as little as possible besides food. The hydroton actually has a ton of iron in it already and gets better with time (like huge puffy chunks of flourite). There are reports of systems crashing due to nutrient lock out caused by over dosing. This is analagous to a super low tech tank.
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