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Originally Posted by xenxes View Post
Is a bubbler/aerator sufficient, or should I go with ebb and flow via a bell siphon? Aerogardens pods are just constantly in water with an aerator in the bottom, tomatoes, lettuce, a variety of other things grow just fine.
Google deep water culture.
Bubblers work, and work better on a timer. Recirculating dwc is what the system I posted used, it is good for small tanks without a sump because the fish don't get the huge swing in tank water height so less stress. Dwc grown plants don't seem to transplant as well as ebb and flow for me. I also find air pumps to be noisy, and air stones clog over long time periods and are harder to clean than pipes.

That said, for anything serious, I would definitely do a sump and ebb and flow.
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