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Algae update: It's gone!

Well, almost. The hair algae is completely gone (can't find any). I occasionally get a little thread algae and a tiny bit of BBA. The amano shrimp have helped but by the time I added it, the algae was already on the decline.

What changed? I started dosing EI once I found that I was NO3 limited. Even with EI, I am still trying to balance the phosphate and nitrates (targetting a 1:10 ppm ratio, currently 2:1 this morning). Increasing CO2 caused problems due to my drop checker problem. Excel spot treating also helped. This took out the hair algae.

Anything with BBA would be trimmed pretty quickly. So far I've only seen little spots of this stuff.

Now that things are up and running nicely, the plants are taking off even more! Its starting to change daily. And now that I turned my lighting up, the leggy-ness is starting to go away.

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