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Wow. I can't believe it has been nearly 3 weeks since a general update. Boy there has been a lot of drama over that time period. More fish have been added, some fish died, my co2 drop checker was broken (32dkh solution instead of 4dkh), fluval g6 died and was shipped back to be returned....

In no particular order...

I finally figured out why I could not get my drop checker to turn green often. It ended up having 32 dkh solution instead of 4 dkh (purchased solution, not home made). When I diluted back to 4 dkh, ta da, my drop checker was nice and green (even yellow green in the morning). I now have my pH controller set back to 6.8 and in the morning, it would be at 6.6 due to respiration. The color has stayed a nice green to yellow green.

The fish have not been happy being gassed. They didn't show any of the normal symptoms - no gasping on the surface - just more sleeping, and more dying. Anyway, they've been happier now that they can breath.

I was turned on to a CO2 issue when attempting to add some mature rainbow fish. They did not like acclimating to the tank and were promptly removed into a new quarantine tank.

Fauna changes: added 12 amano shrimp, pappan creek and millenium rainbowfish breeding sets, another dozen cardinals. I know I've lost at least 3 amano shrimp and some of the cardinals. I believe I'm at ~10 cardinals.

My main canister filter's flow fell off to nearly nothing about two weeks ago. After much cleaning, Hayen had me main the head back for testing and repair. After a trip down to the lfs, I'm now a proud new owner of a eheim 2075. Very nice filter. Trade up from Italian to German engineering. I plumbed this guy by himself and didn't attempt to put my CO2 or heater inline with the heater.

To power the heater and co2 reactor, I ordered a new Eheim compact+ 2000L / 528G pump. The filter's spraybars are shooting from left to right. The pump/heater/co2 shoot right to left. Both are providing nice ripples.

Anyway, after changing all my mechanicals, added more fish, and a few more plants.

I'll try to take new pictures this weekend.

Fun fun

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