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Originally Posted by xenxes View Post
What are you doing in Italy?


Omg you got the mosaic? Where did you put it? I still haven't found a place yet, some good news though -- the grand duke jasmine clipping rooted
Lol.... Just visiting old friends... My old friend Laura just opened her own cheese shop/house so I came to visit and vacation and what not...
Actually I'm on my 3DS right now lol.... I'm in the middle of a rather diabolical puzzle game and decided to check in...

I did get it! I put one in this tub pond and one in my pond...

Oh! Other update! Captain Harlock's Chest of Eden has been destroyed.
In its place is a brand new 250 gallon pond... which is more than enough for me.
I completed construction on it the day before I left lol.
All I have done is build the walls, add the pond liner, and fill it up.
When I get back I plan on getting the pump for the waterfall, and the filter. Hopefully I will also get the actual waterfall done as well.

My grandfather got swayed into impulse buying this particular kind of brick (what a surprise), so my plans for the whole thing got skewed.
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