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Originally Posted by akdylpickles View Post
Yeah I bet! I really need to stop in now that im back home.
With my new job I am rarely in the shop. However, I am still the ADA purchaser. D, pick yourself up a book of ADA and p.m. me items you are interested in. We sell items WAY cheaper than any shop can ship them.

Originally Posted by Bleeker View Post
Beautiful job. Can't wait to see the plants filled in. Just a quick question tho. The distance between the top of the soil and the top of the water isn't that high, It won't take long for a trimmed stem to grow to the surface. Just wondering how you are going to trim those stems to make them look beautiful all the time. Not just for three days when they are at the perfect height. I only ask becuase I am running into this problem and I wondered what others do to make their trims look good.
Good question actually. I never considered this until yesterday when I did a water change. My stem plants behind the driftwood have already hit the surface. I plan on trimming this weekend and seeing what I can do. I almost think I should have gone with some swords and simply let them grow out of the aquarium.

As of right now there is good growth and no algae. I still have the lame heater and ugly CO2 tubbing. I have been swamped at work and to busy to get into the shop.

Here are some update shots:

You can see a new glosso bud in the front. The plant is slowly growing.

You always think that after this next project your tanks will be complete...there is no 'complete' in this hobby. There will always be something new
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