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Originally Posted by the_intricacy View Post
very simple idea, and well executed! I'm curious... how many stones is this really?

one of the challenges in upkeep will be preserving the slope, keep us updated!
thank you! there are seven stones. hopefully the slope wont be too bad, because some of the stones are larger and kind of makeup the slope, with the substrate just covering them.

Originally Posted by Geniusdudekiran View Post
Nice, I like it. Only thing I wish you'd done was use ADA AS or Fluval SS. That substrate is a little distracting. Cool plants though!
thanks kiran! i wish i has Aqua Soil!!!!! someone gave me eco-complete with is why i used it. when i did the dry test-run scaping, it wasnt distracting, but wet its much worse :\ This tank was and is a super low/no budget sort of thing. the stones were left over, the tank and plants i got good deals on, i had the substrate, and water comes from the tap.

Originally Posted by philemon716 View Post
Those plants are the best. They grow nice and slowly but are so beautiful when finally all bunched together.

They blossom with CO2...which you should consider since algae may sprout with so few plants.

Beautiful tank!!

thank you!

with the light being as low as it is, i dont think algae will be a problem, even with the minimal plant load. especial since im not fertilizing for anything.
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