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lol, I hear ya-getting a head count on shrimp of any kind is tough! The frogs may well be a problem. I've been tempted myself, but have resisted. Its not the chase with them, its the ambush...

It sounds like you have a nice tank going there!

I'm not sure about LFS buying your plants, they tend more to give store credit. That being said, it can happen You'll also find local members happy to buy/trade for your extras. Couple of us are looking around now for plants.

There is a small local group just starting on FB, you'd be very welcome! FYI, joining a FB group won't give other members full access to your FB page if you like to keep it separated. They only see the public part that anyone can see ;D!/groups/449628941744749/

29g heavily planted SA: driftwood, Ram, Angel, Tetras
10g Tang: rock w/anubias, Caudpunk trio
8g Nuvo: Cherries, driftwood, java moss and fern
10g 3x divided Betta planted


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