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Ok, real quick update. Been busy with life, hopefully more progress this weekend.
  • Drill bits arrived, so overflow is being finished this week/weekend
  • Ended up (trial and error) with 1/8" drip holes
  • Sump is so close...
  • Plant pickup schedule forthcoming...

I have some pictures, but won't bother posting them, not really informative. I marked out the water lines for the sump after drilling the drip holes out last night (ended up at 1/8"), and checked the levels this morning: All good! Holding about 1.5" of water above the trays, that should work out well. Just that pesky filter to source...

The set of bits arrived for the overflow return through holes, so will drill them tomorrow maybe. I'm hoping to have the overflow assembled before the weekend so I have plenty of time to mock up plumbing.

Finally, we are getting really close to actually having a fish tank, and not just some expensive exercise in fabrication. I will be calling Menagerie back as soon as the plumbing checks out.
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