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Ah, I will have to see if they can find me any. Like I said, I found this little guy by accident and mislabeled. I figured I'd provide a much better home than petsmart all alone.
So now my tank has 7-9 Ghost Shrimp (Started with 9, can only ever find 2-7 at a time to count, damn clear shrimp haha but I love them)
4 Cherry Red Shrimp (I'm waiting to see if they turn into snacks before I get any more)
5 Peppered Corydoras
1 Skunk Cory
3 Panda Corys
and 2 African Dwarf Frogs (Those are who I'm worried about eating the shrimp, but they are adorable, yet dumb, so hopefully the shrimp stay hidden haha)

All my tank babies are enjoying the Anubias Nana I've tied to my drift wood.
My shrimp seem to love the Bacopa, and they are growing well.
I think it's Anacris (I'm quite positive I'm butchering that name). I have some floating, and I've planted a few stems, that's also growing quick.
While everyone in my tank enjoys uprooting my dwarf hairgrass I so carefully planted haha.
Do any of the LFS in the valley buy excess plants? I know for sure I'm going to end up with a jungle otherwise haha.
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