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Algae apearing on DHG/hardscape

Fluval edge 6gal at 74f
x2 cfl 10watt 6500k was at 12 hours a day but put it at 10 now.
Dose 1ml seachem flourish twice a week.
Pressurized co2 w/ glass nano diffuser 1bps

Just tested for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates and all are 0

Tanks a little over a month old and im starting to see some type of fuzz/hair algae of some kind starting to grow on the back glass, heater and DHG.

Also green algae is showing up on my rocks and glass. I can easily brush it off with a toothbrush but itll be back in a couple days. Tank still looks good but i want to get the situation taken care of before it can get out of hand.

Can a dirty filter cause aglae? I just finally replaced my mechanical media and it was gross. Lol. Btw i run 1 foam and 2 biomax. Should i add some carbon?

I have to turn on and turn off my co2anually every day so my co2 levels are not constant. Sometime i turn it on at 9am sometime 1pm. Sometimes i turn my co2 off at 7pm or sometimes 10pm when i get home late. Would i be better off leaving co2 on 24/7 at a low rate? I dont habe a dropchecker.

The only algae eater i have in my tank is 1 oto. I have a couple large ammanos i want to add to the tank for the DHG you think they would make a huge difference?

So what are some suggestions? I decreased my photo period for 2 hrs, increased co2 and changed my filter. It is possible my tank isnlt fully cycled/stable and its just a small algae bloom that will go away on its own? I dont even know why i have algae seems like i shouldnt have any.

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