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Member Highlights! Check out these people and their awesome work:

Some of my students who are members of TPT (message me if you aren't listed and should be, or if you are listed and feel you shouldn't or don't want to be!) :

Khoa N. Pham -

FlSHRFun's ADA 60-F Iwagumi [Pictures & Video]

fplata -

ADA 120H + 60p

freph -

freph's Mini M

mluk27 -

mluk27's ADA Mini M Zoa/Paly Garden.. Fluval Edge Coming soon.

Dave Allen -

Dave's ADA 60-P journal

Dollface -

ADA Mini-S Iwagumi, Now with 100% more Origami

pejerrey -

Pejerrey's journal (just to keep track of things)

ozydego -

Ozy's nano HC Meadow

dantra - Dan's ADA 45-C fitted with bulkheads

frrok -

frrok's ADA MINI-M - A Slice of Nature --What has a Begininning must Have an End.

flyinghellfish -

orchidman -

The Lonely Mountain- Fish added

Brian MC -

2wheelsx2 -

Jeff5614 -

One of Jeff's 75 "GoodBye Stems!" Small Update Last Page

Lludu -

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