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Originally Posted by DogFish View Post
I just won my e>bay auction for my pump. I've been planning/researching this
for a few months now. I'm going to use a Goldfish powered ebb & flow system
with two 40 gl. tanks.

More of a learning exercise than a true substance providing system. If this goes well I may go to a larger system.

I hope to be up & running in two weeks. I have 2 days left on my 4x german reflector 4" T5 light. I still need to pumb the grow tank.
You will be surprised how much it produces. It gets kind of out of hand if you plant too many fast growing herbs.

My next system will likely be a goldfish powered ebb and flow also. Right now I have a combined planted tank and ebb and flow.

Like any two birds one stone arrangement, the compromises make it sub optimal for both. The best way I see that working is a low light natural tank, and not much demand for crops.

Don't forget to scape that goldfish tank! Check out adg's arrangement for fancy goldfish. Hardscape only goldfish tank + aquaponics filtration = awesome.
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