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I had an issue with green water. In my case it was a couple things. The first was Ammonia. My tank was new and the ammonia was high. I also had a ton of lighting and pressurized co2. This would have been great if I had the fast growing plants in the tank to utilize that, but I did not, I had slow growing plants. Basically, I had way too much good stuff. I also had some outside sunlight shining in on my tank which made matters worse. Well, look at it this way. The volvox you have (green water) just tells you, you have the perfect conditions for growing plants. The green water is just a bunch of free floating algae (a plant). If you could get a bunch of quick growing stem plants(I used Rotala Rotundifolia and Rotala Indica and P. Erectus) they would use up those nutrients your supplying. Also do daily 50 percent water changes and add plants lots of them. Don't mess too much with the filter like Diana said, if you remove all the filter media, your getting rid of a lot of beneficial bacteria. In aquariums, most of your good bacteria is in your filter media and your substrate. You don't want to over clean your tank right out of the bacteria you want to keep. Also until you can get your water clear with the water changes and until you add lots of quick growing stem plants, you might want to limit your photoperiod a little or lower the intensity of the light in the tank. It helped with mine. Good luck.
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