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09/25/2011 PandaCory’s 29 gallon odyssey, a catch-up journal.

This is old, and I'm not sure if this is how you post links here. My entry into this hobby started with aquaponics and an lfs: "why do you want gold fish? You can keep tropicals, they're easier to take care of, better looking, and a heater is cheaper than a chiller."

Few weeks later: "so, you gonna plant that thing or what?"

Plants? In an aquarium??? Then Google led me here, tried to make what i already had work for a scape, totally blew it, then reading reading reading.

BTW. A new aquaponics system is cycling right now. I'm actually looking at it. No time for a journal, but soon I will post how I magically transformed the dining room of my 1 bedroom apartment into my science fair project.

Have fun! I wish I had the space for a full tilapia based food production unit. I could talk your ear off about this.

Buy Sylvia bernstein's book "aquaponic gardening"

This book came out after I had already piecemealed together info on my own, starting with no aquarium experience. I can tell you, after a steep and expensive learning curve that my experience confirms much of what she says. What I can't confirm is the stuff she talks about that is really only applicable to larger systems. All the basics are there, and I really wish this book would have been around when I started. I would have spent much less, and not collected so much basically useless equipment.
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