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Originally Posted by SaltyNC View Post
Petsmart did carry it. I guess they still do. I think Petco and Petsmart carry Eco Complete.

I just pull things out slowly with long tweezers and push them in the same way. I originally used mechanic tweezers I found at a dollar store. They worked just fine. I then bought a set of long pincettes from E Bay. They come to a sharper point and do work a little better. With something like Flourite, it's coarse, so it is a little harder to plant single, delicate plants, but it can still be done. I gently squeeze the plant and wiggle the pincettes down into the Flourite and then very gently wiggle the pincettes out so the Flourite collapses around the root and holds the plant. With something like Amazonia, you can just push the plant down into the soil with the pincettes.
Ah, that helps immensely! Better than my method of using two large wooden cooking spoons!
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