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Originally Posted by plantednano View Post
Love your tank. The scale is very impressive, i have looked at your thread many a time without fully reading the 6.6 gallon part and always though wow this looks so nice. I wish i could set up a tank that large. Then it hit me its only 6.6 gallons lol, not much bigger dimensionally than my 5 gallon i plan to plant once the frogs go into their vivarium. Trying to gain inspiration on a scape from all the great tanks on here

The music on your video was entertaining lol, i feel my tank sucking the money out of my wallet already and its no where even near ready to set up as an aquarium
Thanks, PlantedNano. Seeing the video of the quarter in the tank even surprises me, and I see the tank every day. It really is a very small aquascape. When I do a 50% water change, I use a 1 gallon Sterilite pitcher. It only takes me 3 trips to the sink. I have to quickly run the siphon tube over the grass and plants to vacuum any settled debris, because it only takes a minute or two to drain out 50% of my water.

It was late at night when I chose that music. It reminds me of a song in the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Don't all hobbies suck money out of our wallets?
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