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Originally Posted by freph View Post
So tiny! I'm picking up some Boraras urophthalmoides for the Mini M and about 35 Boraras briggitae for the 20L first week of September. Very excited. I definitely agree that we need more and better stores in NC. Fintastic in Charlotte is about the best I've seen. They've got a few very nice display tanks. I'm not sure if they were CO2 injected (I wasn't looking at the time) but they were nice tanks all in all. Nice equipment and stock of livestock, too
The exclamation points are nice. It'll be interesting to see the differences side by side. I wonder if they will behave any differently than brigittae. I look forward to seeing those.

Fintastic does run CO2 on the planted tank in the back, but it seems on the low side. They get in some nice fish. I bought my Amanos and nerite snails from them, but they didn't have boraras brigittae. They did have a tank full of CPD but they sold quickly. I pass their store on my way to the office. I would like to see them get more into the planted tank and possibly ADA world.

I get so many packages mail order at the office, it's embarrassing, and I own the business.

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