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Originally Posted by SomeCanuck View Post
I'm so jealous! Your little boraras brigittae are gorgeous and the tank too! I picked up what was supposed to be b. brigittae from my LFS 2 weeks ago and just thought they were undercoloured from stress and the lack of a proper planted environment, but the more time passes, the more I'm starting to think I ended up with b. merah instead. Still awesome little fishes, but definitely not the same POW and OOMF I was looking for... Or maybe I lucked out and got a batch of only female b. brigittae haha
Thanks so much. I've read it is common to get similar fish in this family. Mine still haven't fully developed that deep red color that the males produce, but they seem to be darkening. I read that live or frozen fresh food helps. They also really like to be in a group with at least 5-6. One thing about my shots is that because of the lighting and dark background, I am slightly underexposing the image and this tends to saturate my colors. I am also shooting in Vivid mode. I have shot Velvia film for years and Vivid is similar to the saturation it produces. I love it for landscapes.

I hope you get the fish you want.
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