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Originally Posted by freph View Post
Yeah, the riccia has been giving me trouble for the longest time so I just scrapped them and got some fresh stuff. We've got a couple of shoddy non-chain fish stores on and around Bragg Blvd, but other than that there's a 2 PetsMarts and a Pet Supermarket that I know of. All of them are lacking in exotic fish and plants in general, so I order from Rachel for fish and plants from forum members or I rather pay for shipping than gas and more mileage on my car.
We really need a LFS that specializes in planted tanks. I think if more people were aware of them, they would be much more popular. I stumbled across them one day and instantly was hooked. I love nature and the outdoors, and it's amazing that we can recreate a small world on our desktops or in a corner of our home. I enjoy large format landscape photography, but it's hard for a photo to compete with a living miniature landscape complete with wildlife.

This was my first experience ordering from Rachel, and it was perfect. The fish were excellent. The only mistake I made was not ordering more fish!
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