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Originally Posted by callisto9 View Post
I'm new and think I've finally settled on this tank! Thanks for all the great pics and updates! I can't wait to get it.
Callisto, that's great. I think you'll really like the tank. The dimensions are great, and I think it is a great starter tank. You probably already know this, but they do scratch easily. I would recommend being very careful when you add your substrate if it is hard/sharp. I'm pretty happy with this scape came out, but the one thing I would do different if I could rewind the clock would be to use a soil substrate like Fluval Shrimp Stratum or ADA soil. The Flourite is fine, but I imagine if I had used a soil-based substrate, the hairgrass would have filled in much quicker, and I think it looks better, too, though the Flourite blends OK with the rocks I have.

Good luck with your new tank. I hope you'll post your progress. I'll definitely follow along.
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