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Oqsy's 55 gallon journal...*Updated 06/22/07*

I've decided to tear down my 29 and 20, combine the flora and fauna as well as the best gear from the tanks to turn my 55 gallon tank into a high light, co2, fertilized tank. I've decided to experiment a bit here, and see if I can get a great looking 55 by using *your* input in pretty much all aspects of aquascaping (of course I reserve the right to say, "nope, don't like that idea", but I'll do my best to follow the consensus of the board.

The first step is hardscape.
I have about 12 pieces of driftwood, of which I've chosen the best 5 for the tank. Now what I need is for those who have a keen eye for hardscapes to either suggest, or better yet, illustrate, their thoughts on the ideal use of the driftwood as the framework for the rest of the tank. I have photoshopped a very basic outline of the wood on a blank background that is already the dimensions of a 55 gallon tank. The wood with green on it has either anubias or moss. After looking at the picture, that should make more sense. So, let's see or read *your* suggestions. I've got a couple of ideas already, but I'm eager for *your* ideas.

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