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Originally Posted by SaltyNC View Post
Thanks, Freph. It was an experiment and learning experience, and I've enjoyed it. So far, no major disasters. Yea, that shrimp product comes in a tiny glass baby food jar. It will probably expire before I can feed it all with these little guys. I was glad to hear your riccia is starting to take off. I see you are from Fayetteville. I used to live in the Eastern part of NC when I was a kid, and we would drive down to Fayetteville to see the air show. Are there any good fish stores in town, or do you have to mail order or come to Charlotte/Raleigh? It's great that we have some many from NC/SC on the forum.
Yeah, the riccia has been giving me trouble for the longest time so I just scrapped them and got some fresh stuff. We've got a couple of shoddy non-chain fish stores on and around Bragg Blvd, but other than that there's a 2 PetsMarts and a Pet Supermarket that I know of. All of them are lacking in exotic fish and plants in general, so I order from Rachel for fish and plants from forum members or I rather pay for shipping than gas and more mileage on my car.
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