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My recent bouts with GW have gone away since I increased the biological filtration last year so Diana has got part of the solution.

You have a whole lot of light over the tank, an incomplete fertilizing regime that is designed for a lower light tank and not very efficient CO2. Test your nitrate, bet you won't find much if any.

I would use only one or two of those light bulbs, increase filtration and wait it out and...
most important, check the fertilizing forum so you know what plants need. Then get a kit to dose the tank from one of the people here. There are several to chose from, I am sure they are all great.

A decade ago I had way better GW than yours in a tank with very bright light, lots of CO2 and zero nitrate. I very very gingerly dosed a small amount of nitrate [stump remover labeled as KNO4] daily and each morning I could see further into the tank. After maybe 3 days I could finally see the back of the tank.
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