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Protip: Getting clean lines with silicone involves removing the tape while the silicone is WET!!

Things I would do differently next time...
  • Mask off the overflow glass
  • Make a fancier jig so that I could pull all the tape at once
  • Use more silicone so I don't end up with gaps

Also, I totally forgot to tape the overflow glass...whups. Guess I'll be razoring the grossness off. I was using the level to ensure that the tank itself was level, and then I could verify that the overflow glass was square.

I moved the glass out of the way, applied a good bead of silicone, and then placed the glass. After I lined it up, made sure it was square, I then used my handy latex gloves to smear the bead so it was smooth and consistent across the whole length.

Would have been a lot nicer if I'd used more silicone and masked off the overflow glass! As it is, I think it'll work fine. Finally, the centrepoint for the return holes in the other piece of overflow glass will be almost exactly in the middle, so that was nice to discover.

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