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With the tank only a month old I'll bet it's green water (the green colour doesn't become apparent until it gets really bad, but if you fill up a white pitcher with your aquarium water you should be able to see a green tint when looking down from the top (in natural daylight)).

If you keep up with water changes you can keep green water at the cloudy-white stage you have now (I realize keeping it is not your goal, I just mention this to explain why your water may never actually "look" green in the tank).

If it is green water there are a number of different ways of dealing with it. The two times I've had it I've simply let it run it's course (it eventually goes away on its own) - but that can take months. For instant gratification pick up a UV filter and it will be gone in 25 hours. There are other methods too - do a search for green water and you should turn up dozens of recommendations.
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