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Thank you

Creation of the Gallery LED lighting

These are the LEDs that this time still have retained my attention (high-power).
I thus made nine spots 30W each for a total workforce of 30,000 lumens spread over the entire surface of Paludarium.
And once while walking "waooow" efficiency is there...

For comparison with my previous project "Waterfall Paludarium"
(he was enlightened with 4 tubes of 55W PL, there were 15 000 Lumens in total).
So now there to double the light intensity in this project.

The spots are not all set yet, but it does not prevent me to take some pictures.

For this series of photos, I temporarily placed a potted plant and a branch of driftwood,
to better assess the effectiveness of light on objects.
Plants will obviously installed without pots during final placement of plants.

The lights went reflected in the glass, amplifying the impression of a larger volume.

The spots are placed so that the light never reaches the eye directly
unless really placing themselves in against-diving.

Next steps: Finish fixing LED spots, followed by the rocks scenery.

Following soon.

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