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Thanks, but you should give kudos to this forum and the people in it...I'm really just taking bits and pieces of design from others and applying the concepts to my situation. Glad you're enjoying it though! (admit's all the pretty pictures, isn't it?)

Quick update on the sump testing...went out this morning to take a look.

Yup, the drip tray area water level is right up to the trim now - twice the level it started at! This is why we test things, folks.

I turned off the pumps, let it settle, and turned them back on. Within a minute or two the level was right back up to the trim...odd. The drip holes did not look clogged, and were still flowing the same as before.

Decided to move the pump hoses into a position more resembling what the drains will be doing (vertical flow in the center area of the drip tray), and left things running. Will be out there later on today, so we'll see how it goes.
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