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I am just starting to get back into this again, haven't done this stuff since I was a kid.

I wanted to know what your suggestions would be about connecting multiple tanks as one giant tank, Via a well sealed 2in. or 3in. hose or PVC pipe.

My idea is simple, in layout. One tank with 80% land (Vivarium) with a hose or two leading to a tank that rests lower than that. The lower tank will be a full aquarium which connects back on the other side to another vivarium with a similar setup as the first tank. The fourth tank is also between the two 80% vivariums, and is a 100% terrarium that sits slightly higher and further back than the aquarium.

Below is a sample setup. Eventually I want the two stacked tanks to be set angled into a corner of my room, while the other two align with the wall, forming a wrap around feel.

I wanted to be 56K friendly with the image.
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